Short summary of the project:

For the sake of improving environment-awareness, the primary aim of the project is to create an international training centre and develop a training methodology, which can help the following generations on the long run with getting to know and protecting our natural values and making the creation of balance in the relationship between humanity and nature an determining part of their lives. The objective of the Training Centre is to provide non-formal teaching methods along the formal ones that help the participants of the programme to widen their knowledge through their own experiences. Another objective of the programme is to identify the lack and problems of environment-conscious training in the frame of an international cooperation, and to develop nature-centred teaching programme-packages that help with improving the young’s knowledge in the field of environment protection. It is pointed out that these packages should complement one another and create a complete whole together, which contributes to reaching the major goals on the one hand, and maximally utilizes the different capacities of the two information centres.